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“You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.” (Marco Polo)

My name is Francesca Ferraresi and I am a qualified tour guide, based in Emilia Romagna and member of ANGIAT (National Association of Tour guide professionals, Interpreters and Tour Leaders).

I have obtained a BA in Museums and Cultural Heritage and an MA in Art History, magna cum laude. I have a long time experience as a tour guide, providing informations and interpreting the cultural, historical and natural heritage of this region with a special focus on the ancient lands of Matilde of Canossa. In these years I've been working for many different authorities, schools and organizations, developing the ability to understand the perspectives of a wide range of people. Together we will plan a guided tour expressly shaped on your preferences and specific demands.

Amongst the services I provide you will find day tours and themed walks to museums, galleries, exhibitions, historic buildings, archaeological sites; creative and didactic workshops aimed both at children and youngsters of all schools, custom tours and follow-up meetings aimed at adults and high school students. I can also provide art consulting and event planning services.

I think of myself as a very outgoing and welcoming person. I think that a strong cultural baggage is litterally fundamental in this profession, but I am also fully convinced that my job is based on hospitality and friendliness: that's why I always concentrate on providing a highly professional service with a warm, welcoming attitude.

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